Tackling Modern Slavery

15 March, 2018

At Apollo Wales, we're always ensuring that our Company is at the forefront in every possible way.

This week, we've implemented a formalised plan to help prevent modern slavery in the Cleaning Industry and to help show others in the Industry how they can help too!

Our Company utilises the very best in-house Staff to provide exceptional customer service each and every day. On occasion, we have a carefully selected number of Companies who carry out work that our Staff aren't trained to carry out. When this takes place, we always ensure they meet strict guidelines on working practice, staff allocation and resources and much more. Our vetting procedure is so rigorous that we turn down almost 90% of applicants.

We've always ensured that our SubContractors provide great working conditions for their Staff but we've decided to go one step further; we've introduced a Modern Slavery Statement that includes compulsory checks to ensure that none of our Contractors employ people who fall into this category.

It's at this point we should confirm that this has never happened with any of our Contractors thanks to our vetting procedures but we're always keen on going one step beyond!

Its estimated that in the UK alone, there are 13,000 employed people deemed to be slaves by modern standards and by creating a formalised structure for vetting this with our Contractors, we hope to assist in reducing this number to zero.

You'll be able to find our Statement at the base of our websites and in our Offices across the UK and we've also created a Poster that will be placed in all Cleaning stock rooms across our network to ensure that we're assisting in rooting out this issue across the cleaning industry.

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