Apollo gets room to Grow

3 November, 2017

When Jack and I started Apollo a few years back, we never dreamt that a cleaning business would be something that would sustain us, let alone sustain employees too. Fast forwarding a few years and I’m sat here typing this as we employee our 223rd person for our Cardiff Domestic Operation after two of our Office Team arranged a recruitment day to find the right people to continue our South Wales expansion.

We’ve recently moved into the largest possible space within our existing building in Cardiff Bay to allow more room for training, meetings and to expand our Office Support Team who I’ve quickly learned are vital in creating a successful Company.

Our new space is a long way from where we were when we began our journey with two desks in a cramped room with a dog wandering in for the occasional biscuit. Its now a bright, modern space that reflects what we’ve worked to get Apollo to be and what we want our Clients to see each time they pop in.

We’ve also made the recent decision to re-brand our social media pages. It was an incredibly tough decision to take the ‘Wales’ away from the Facebook and Twitter pages but our Staff, vehicles and all Wales related information will continue with the ‘Apollo Wales’ Logo. We’ve simply done it to avoid constant repetition on social media by eliminating the need to check ‘Apollo Wales’, ’Apollo London’ & ‘Apollo Midlands’ daily.

Take a look at a few images of where Apollo began and where it is now:

(Above is our first office. A little small and we had a dog to contend with but it gave us a great start!)

(Above is where we moved next. Its now our Janitorial Depot in Cardiff East and services the South West)

(Here's our more recent and familiar Office. Complete with a contemporary feel and a splash of orange)

(Our new Office is based in the same Building at Forgeside House, we've just moved to a far bigger space to accommodate our growing Team)

To see our new Offices, head to our social media for a 360 view or feel free to pop in.

Its been a fantastic journey and we’re so grateful to have such fantastic clients come along with us and I’m incredibly pleased that it’ll continue for a long time!

Best Wishes,


London Office:
Floor 24
The Shard
London SE1 9SG

TEL 0207 866 2217


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