Our Growing Office Team

25 October, 2017

We're always keen on finding the right people for the right job. Thankfully, we've found a few more to add to our growing Team and we'd love to introduce them! Read more

Autumn Cleaning Tips

17 October, 2017

Autumn has arrived and based on the last few days, its set to bring strong winds, rain and dark afternoons. Read more

The importance of a signature on a Non-disclosure Agreement

5 October, 2017

Being a cleaning company brings lots of responsibilities which include ensuring our Clients that their material and information are safe from any disclosure of personal information. That’s why all our Staff sign a form to maintain Confidentiality:

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Tips for cleaning wooden furniture

29 September, 2017

Since ancient times, owning wooden furniture has always been an indication of wealth. Aristocratic Egyptians would beautify their homes with wooden furniture such as beds, chairs, tables and wooden head rests that were uncomfortably used instead of pillows.

We can't say which tips were used by Egyptians to keep their wooden furniture clean, but we can give you some contemporary tips for keeping your wooden furniture looking its best:

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"Alexa, Fire Phasers. Then Order a Local Cleaner"

24 September, 2017

(Cleaning is just as relevant in the 24th Century)

The latest instalment; Star Trek: Discovery premieres this Sunday, and to celebrate the new show, Read more


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